write on Couples

write your names on two hearts photo image

write name on couples photo image

include ‘text.php’;
include ‘ads1.php’;
include ‘picfile.php’;
$image = imagecreatefrompng(‘template/couples-img-name-c02.png’);
imagealphablending($image, false);
imagesavealpha($image, true);
$color = imagecolorallocate($image, 250,249,208); // Create color
$color1 = imagecolorallocate($image, 255,255,255); // Create color
imagealphablending($image, true);
imagettftext($image, 20,0, 145, 148, $color1 , $font, $tx1);
imagettftext($image, 20, 0, 342, 85, $color1 , $font, $tx2);
imagepng($image, $temp_folder.$fn.’.jpg’);
include ‘ads1.php’;

include ‘ads2.php’;
include ‘2name.php’;
include ‘ads3.php’;
include ‘ads3.php’;
include ‘vip.php’;

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